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There are many people in this world who need help to get through the struggles of the day, we want to be the ones who provide that helping hand to ensure their safety and wellbeing. As a carer you can really make a positive impact on someone's life by becoming a carer; as some of our existing carers would say “it is a life changing experience”. Become a carer today with Alisar Care. If you believe you have what it takes to become a carer then apply today at Alisar Care, we will ensure that you are prepared and have all the tools and knowledge to become a successful career.

What are the requirements to become a carer?

- You will need to undergo a comprehensive background check to ensure you are safe to work under our employment.

- You will need at a minimum of one reference.

- As our service includes our carers to go to our clients home, you must be willing to travel.

- As a carer you must ensure that you are organised and come to work on time because our clients wellbeing is in your hands.

- You will need to provide evidence that you have experience in the field working as a carer.

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