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Alisar Care provides the highest quality of home care

About Us

Enjoy the comfort of your own home with our reliable and professional care staff. We are one of the leading care providers in the UK with ever growing branches offering visiting care – all with our family values at heart.

There are many benefits to get care service at your own home. The main advantage is that the person receiving care can stay in the environment they’re most familiar with. They can be around the people and things they know and love best. Getting used to a new and unfamiliar environment is difficult at the best of times. Coupled with the disruption to routines and lifestyles, such a move can cause significant amounts of distress and not just to the individual – it impacts the whole family.

Whether it's regular help around your home, occasional respite or around the clock care, Alisar Care Services will be with you every step of the way. We understand that needs change and we can adapt our service with you. As a direct employer of our carers, we can offer you excellent carer continuity with unrivalled overnight handovers between live in carers when they are due to take a break.

Why Choose Alisar Care?

Here’s five key reasons to choose Alisar Care.

Full Service Offer (always there for you)

You have the reassurance of knowing that our carers will always be there for you. We give you and your relatives peace of mind:

- Comprehensive service – we help you through every step of the process. We manage and pay your care team – we are about ‘making life easier’ for you.

- Flexible care – our care is personalised and flexible when your circumstances change. We can call on our specialist carers to support you (not so easy if employing staff directly)

- Support available 24/7 – we offer an ‘on-call’ service to deal with issues that arise out of normal office hours.

- Carer suitability – want to change your carer? Just talk to us and we will find a solution. Not so easy if you employ your carer directly through an introductory agency as they have employment rights!

- Payroll process – do you understand payroll and PAYE tax as you will need to if you employ care staff directly. By employing all our carers you never need to worry about this.

Highly Trained Carers

Our care teams are carefully selected and trained to the highest standards:

- Robust employment checks – we interview, police check and reference all our staff so that only the best are employed by Alisar Care.

- Employed status / no agency – all our carers are employed and receive remuneration above local rates. To ensure consistent quality care, we use no agency or freelance staff and this is one of the top reasons to choose Alisar Care.

- Substantial investment in training – we provide comprehensive induction training and regular refresher training that goes well beyond statutory requirements. We also offer specialist training to motivate our carers and ensure excellent quality care.

- Clear career path – we value our carers and treat them as professionals; we provide them with a clear career path which encourages loyalty.

Quality Assured Care

We are regulated by the Care Quality Commission and quality is at the heart of our organisation:

- Quality assured – while our care is tailored to your needs, we have very clear policies and guidelines to keep you and our carers safe.

- Frequent care monitoring – we continually audit and ‘spot check’ our care delivery to ensure we are always performing to our high standards.

- Regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) – we are legally accountable for the services we provide and are fully compliant. If you employ your own carer directly, you will not get this reassurance.

- Best practise – our quality team ensure that our carers are informed and trained on all new and best practises as soon as these are identified.

- Insurance – our services are fully insured which is rarely the case when you employ a carer directly.

Same Carers Every Day

We achieve care continuity through a dedicated, professional care team:

- Support for carers – our carers have access to 24/7 support when delivering care so that they are never alone.

- Great continuity – we work really hard to ensure that you see the same friendly carers every day and this is often cited as one of the top reasons to choose Alisar Care. Where we need to make a change we let you know in advance.

- Strong management oversight – our managers have many years’ experience of providing care and work closely with you and your family to adapt our care to suit your changing needs.

- Valuing our staff – we value every member of our care team and work hard to provide a supportive and engaging environment for them. This helps us to keep the same friendly faces working with you.

- Matched to you – we carefully match our carers to you to build trusted relationships.

Experienced Specialists

Our managers and staff have many years’ experience of providing carefully tailored care and specialist support:

- Specialisms – we have trained specialists in dementia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s multiple sclerosis, hospital discharge rehabilitation, and end of life care.

- Bespoke care – we continually monitor your needs and adjust our care in accordance with your wishes. It is your care delivered how you want it!

- Depth of Expertise – our wider care team monitors best practise and continually improves training for our carers so that you always receive the best care.

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